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Describe the reasons for resistance evaluation and ways to deal with it

ALI  AKBAR  RAEISPOUR             


If you were the reasons for resistance to primary teachers in the evaluation, we must first review descriptive comparison of the evaluation have little. (Of course, after the definition of expression evaluation)

Take a comparison with the performance of teachers in these two categories should be considered.

This article is trying to do condition assessment should be presented and describe the reasons for the lack of willingness of teachers and strategies for solving this problem is proposed

Read this article:

Define evaluation and its relationship with teaching

Evaluation description

Comparison of descriptive and quantitative evaluation

Reasons teachers opposed

Strategies for solving these problems

Concepts Evaluation:

process. In teacher evaluation, using different methods and techniques of learning outcomes measured Qra learners and gives them to achieve target levels Evaluation is the last stage of the teaching of education from pre will determine. However, the evaluation assessed not only learners but also teachers are also their success rate in various stages of implementing their lesson plan to examine. With the activity of these learners, teachers can plan their lessons and study its implementation steps be taken into consideration and work problems are diagnosed and eliminate practices that are discovered

In fact that is assessed by dividing different purpose involves But before different divisions assessment evaluation be mentioned with some of the concepts pre-conditions that bring it into existence be expressed

Measuring measuretement: namely that a person or 1)object to what some of the property and has determined that if just a little and is determined numerically. For example, 180 cm tall is Ali Cm long the property stated

Test testing: Tool or regular way to measure that kind of behavior is used in the tests say 2)And its application for measuring psychological traits such as intelligence, talent, creativity and learning. And for this purpose must be acting indirectly because direct access to the intelligence or creativity of any individual is not possible. These tools are not the attributes that define the levels are

Assessment evalesation: testing the test say, but 3)assessment is done once instead of measuring or testing In addition, other devices are used to refers. So assessment (evaluation) is a kind of measure that the concept is broader than testing.

Another definition of the evaluation: a process to determine and recognize regular learners progress in achieving educational goals. (Mohammad Hassan Pour Time, 2005) was expressed.

Descriptive evaluation: Descriptive evaluation

Practices and process except the pen test - which determines the amount of paper serving scholar areas goals and mental attitude - move pre Objective instruction in teaching is purposefulPractices such as 1) functional tests which included writing functional test - test - detection performance tests conducted in simulated situations - Portfolio - Work is a folder, 2) measurements observed that the list includes a check - and the rating scale logging, 3) Special assessment practices that include closed answer questionnaires - open response questionnaire method is the separation means.

One of the ways of the three sub-branches following the above main tip is to put the first part of the article end

- Way to do simulated performance status (Simulateh portormance)

A simulated or artificial situations that surround the actions and behavior must be displayed in actual fact occurs learned (performance) as driving the computer system or a comprehensive presentation of the purchase should go to the store and paying bills and calculate addition and subtraction much money left to properly calculate and give his back.

- Members checkout ( Cheklist )

Is a systematic way to judge the report viewer (teacher) that determines the behavior of the comprehensive performance compared with individual characteristics is desired. The common list in the Czech host class.

Semantic resolution method ( forced-choice Questionries )

Attitude survey of important methods which involve a number of contrasting characters as well - the bad and the ugly - beautiful and intelligent - and fool ... Each trait is a seven-part Pvstar be included

* For further reading of the book readers are invited to measurement, assessment and evaluation doctor Saif Ali Akbar in 1382 are studied

Relationship with teaching: evaluation

If teaching is purposeful and according to Plan teach lesson plan should be presented and the role of initial assessment and developmental assessment done properly and tasks desired by the teacher and learned skills to achieve educational goals in the final assessment is shown in This along with the teaching process and evaluation will strengthen the ongoing evaluation and continuous assessment done bug fixes are cases, then we will witness the story of the night is over, but try to teach the story and the story of when the end of semester evaluation A rope tow large academic year are named can not expect success in the descriptive evaluation is achieved

Evaluation of teaching is not part of a separate part of this important change in attitude that teachers should be obtained to be receptive to descriptive assessment


Compare up descriptive and quantitative evaluation of: teachers

Project evaluation includes both Nvbth question over the past two years the teachers turn completely around 2 or 3 weeks throughout the year would buckle and presses the regular evaluation work would endure. However, teachers who had several times during the year the tests were held. (Usually they are not descriptive opponents plan) or a maximum list of 11 teachers with black pen with no pen was filled with corrosion and each case turns on the year to be closed; New score after continuous teacher list holding the test at every turn and entering the final score was written on the list

Heavenly gifts for teachers course oral examination or written comments are sometimes instead of filling out a simple list of Czech teaching at every turn over only five times should be measured

But in preparing a descriptive evaluation of students working directory, regular meetings with parents and review these activities, exam anxiety to avoid activities that should be done a lot of new writing index register of teachers is the most important concerns


Opposing reasons:

- The most important reasons for opposition, many activities that seemingly appears. The role of teachers in their assessment activities, including completing two Nvbth Czech heavenly gift list, or the Czech Science list of daily reporting has faded in the abyss are caught in the storm activity

That the lower legs due to be settled on the lower Amtham securities had the most trouble in this adventure to endure

Ignorance of the benefits and fruits of the project and justify the wrong, and teachers appear to see such work is opposed reasons. The difference with the teacher folder before their crafts are the same or allow such activities to be conducted in schools knows how impossible it can be expected to spend patience and willingness to give up
Student activities to separate and classify the type of operation that conclusion is reached whether or not certain skills

- Current textbooks is an important factor against teachers. They believe that the multi-year student resources such as math and learned more because they try to force the new style check list or logging assessed

The volume of books for other reasons teachers opposed the traffic creates a lot

- The media, including agents that cause opposing Edit Family. Enforcement program known as the average child know when kids take the phone call programs are an important motivation for their families that they still are looking for scores of 20. Still expect the score 20 in the records of their children go to the parade

Mother when her second grade report card was a child I asked the manager where I know my son, how was the lesson? And school administrator tried to define items that include 20-18 very good and nice and ... Said

Media should also be education for all with family culture than to change the subject of evaluation

Lesson separatist attitude of the most difficult test in the earth

Accustomed to the status quo, willing to change their way of not working. Because it is true in most businesses and the famous adage that "any changes Hmrast strength in fact is true

- Large numbers of students in a class, and one or more of the base class


Opinion writer with the setup is better inservice classes but this time not as commonly accepted that the end score

It is interesting to teachers in classroom assessment project description are present at the end of the written test was conducted but also produced training CD will take action to change attitudes

When the country's Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council aim to develop education in the country to inform scientists and scholars of science knows the day you still relying on that rather than quantitative evaluation of defects is obtained? Do you have a philosophy teacher who refuse to change their Paydargrayy not the children of Iran can reach this goal?

the first CD produced short video, changing attitudes towards teachers should act 1)Even at the end instead of written test plan or final manner for developmental evaluation should be presented in a descriptive assessment tools for Construction of expression, the acceptance certificate to be issued in the course. Project description and evaluation tools for expression, and creativity just be given. special privileges

after competitions and training in areas associated 2)with the role of incentive awards to be Of course it is better that this is a group competitions and awards to teachers the same as their teamwork and problem doing it during the activity are met

Career Education and Broadcasting to introduce the 3)project for families or even making fun animation to introduce the project benefits. (Like the CIA animation environment quiet and Culture

change the textbooks along with the images is high 4)and low points in the book that changes the heavenly gift, and empirical science can be seen better in other courses, but also be considered

Frequency content is better with a new teacher working conditions should be coordinated if teacher is forced to transfer information (such as on civil and V) can not reach to other duties.

 high population classes and sort things and ... 5)Can be with the help of a parent during the year to serial 30-man class of less than nine times happen to meet. It can be grouped in a group of parents and selected special day week would certainly solve the problems of teachers working for families appears. The relationship between parents and primary school will be closer to home and student control and coordinate school and home will be to lower cultural duality.

Or Alhmdallh populated schools have computers. Teacher at recess to be jobs enough to scan a file for each student to maintain the archive if the problem be solved and when class time working to provide families with information extracted from the work on CD to go home and help to assess more offers

a few basic classes that can help junior high 6)students was minimized and problems in school but plenty of problems with integration, but more rural schools will not see a few basic schools

Use the summer because school is closed July and August? 7)And only two days a week at the school opens?

Because the space is not used. SB 0 child suggest teachers in summer school each year and are now daily lesson plans, monthly and yearly courses in concert with their colleagues to prepare the base. I am sure the opposition will raise the frequency. But it also reflect the fruits.

Teacher working with the calendar year into a convoy of the working class will not stay much behind.

for teachers who are doing a descriptive evaluation 8)of a reward or a percentage to be added to their jobs the right incentive for them to find mode


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